Sedation Options

Oral Sedation

To ensure your visit with Asheville Periodontics is anxiety free we can provide sedation medication to be taken prior to your surgical appointment.  Oral sedation will decrease your anxiety and help you though your appointment procedure.  If you elect to have oral sedation, you must have a rise to and from the office.  Remember, no food for 6-8 hours prior to surgery.

IV Sedation

If you would prefer a deeper level of sedation where you are less likely to remember your surgical experience at our office, we provide IV sedation.  This is often referred to as “twilight sleep.” Dr. Goggin is certified in IV/Conscious Sedation medication through the North Carolina Board of Dentistry.  During IV sedation, you receive medication through your hand or arm that causes you to sleep through and often forget the procedure.  Remember, this is not the same as general anesthesia, such as you would receive in the hospital where a machine is breathing for you.  As with oral sedation. you must have a driver and do not eat or drink for 6-8 hours prior to surgery.