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Susanna Goggin D.M.D. P.A.

At Asheville Periodontics, your oral health is our top priority.  Our team will treat you with the highest level of technical expertise in periodontal and implant care.  We enthusiastically serve you with the personalized, gentle treatment that you deserve, in a caring atmosphere.

Why did your Dentist refer you to a Periodontist?

Your general dentist has determined that your gums require special care, and has referred you to a periodontist. Periodontists are dentists who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gum disease. By referring you to a periodontist, your dentist is showing a strong commitment to your optimal dental care.

Meet the Doctor

My name is Dr. Susanna Goggin. My team and I welcome you to our office. Our commitment is to treat your periodontal and dental implant needs in a professional, timely and comfortable manner. We welcome and encourage your questions and comments. Your satisfaction is our ultimate objective and we welcome the opportunity to provide you with the highest standard of up-to-date care possible. We discuss your periodontal condition and present you with a series of options so you can make an informed decision that reflects your dental priorities.  Remember, the most important member of the team is you. Your interest, participation and commitment are essential to make your treatment a success.  Continue reading…

Dr. Goggin is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology. This is the highest level of recognition that can be earned in the specialty of periodontics, and less than one-third of all periodontists hold this distinction.

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I needed a gum graft and my dentist tried it twice and it did not take. The third time I went to Dr. Goggin and this time it worked! If I ever need a gum graft again I will definitely come back here and recommend Asheville Periodontics for anyone. The staff were welcoming, thorough, and efficient. They were trauma-informed and explained everything. I loved that they let me chose the music during my gum graft procedure!

Meghan Coltrane

Dr. Goggin is attentive, caring (she called to see how I was doing), professional and she possesses a quality that is good for her line of work: She is a perfectionist. I say that because of how meticulous she was in getting my implant right, both aesthetically and functionally. The process was, much to my surprise, painless. Dr. Goggin gets an A+ in my book. She and her wonderful staff. Thank you!

Ralph Grizzle

We provide quality patient experiences to everyone who walks in our door.

Through personal growth and education, we remain energized and at the forefront of periodontal care.  We have a passion for learning in order to provide the best care and education to our patients.