Prior to Your Surgery

Always check with your medical doctor before stopping any medications. It is not necessary to discontinue Aspirin or any blood thinning medications prior to surgery.  We do ask that you avoid alcohol the night before surgery. We ask that men arrive for surgery clean shaven unless you wear a beard normally, and that women do not wear makeup.

Keep in mind the following when arranging your surgical appointment:

If you have travel plans or an event scheduled, please know that swelling and bruising can occur so it is best to schedule when you have a few weeks available to heal.  Swelling usually develops during the first 12-24 hours following surgery, often peaking on the 3rd post-operative day.  It should begin to subside by the 4th day after your surgery.  Swelling can be minimized by placing an ice pack on the affected side at 30 minute intervals during the first 48 hours after surgery.

Limit activity during the first 48 hours after surgery.  Excessive exertion such as elevated blood pressure, exercise and/or heavy lifting may lead to postoperative bleeding and discomfort and can cause disruption of the surgical site.