Prevention of Periodontal Disease

The best ways to initially prevent the start of periodontal disease is to routinely brush and floss your teeth twice daily.  It is also important to have routine preventative exams and cleanings with your general dentist so they can detect any areas of concern early on in the disease process.  Avoiding certain habits, like smoking, can also help lower your risk for developing periodontal disease.

Once Dr. Goggin has treated your periodontal disease, periodontal maintenance will enable you to take control of the disease and increase your chances of keeping your teeth as they are.

Periodontal maintenance will protect the foundation for good oral health which includes the gums, bone and roots of teeth. This treatment may be more frequent than the traditional 6 month recalls you have become accustomed to with your dentist. SPT may require that you see your dentist and Dr. Goggin on an alternating 3 month schedule. This means that every 3 months, you will be seen by your dentist or Dr. Goggin to protect your oral health and investment. Your recall protocol will be assessed by Dr. Goggin and your dentist to suit your individual periodontal needs.

What is included in a periodontal maintenance visit?

  • Discussion of changes to health history
  • Oral examination looking for any abnormal changes
  • Measuring depths of pockets
  • Cleaning teeth to remove bacterial plaque and tartar
  • Taking any necessary x-rays to evaluate bone levels around teeth
  • Examining teeth for decay
  • Checking the way your teeth fit together (occlusion)
  • Applying or prescribing medications to reduce tooth sensitivity
  • During your visit, your dentist or Dr. Goggin, will review your home hygiene routine and both may suggest changes to the protocol. If periodontal disease recurs, then additional treatment may be recommended.

Periodontal maintenance visits will protect your investment and keep your dental costs down by preventing future problems.  Gum disease is more than just gums. A commitment to periodontal maintenance is your commitment to better overall health!

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